We ACT FAT by partaking in actions that promote the metabolic process of excess fat accumulation & storage in our bodies. Anyone can ACT FAT.  You may not even know that you are ACTING FAT. You don't have to be fat to ACT FAT. Skinny people ACT FAT too. The difference is that skinny people get fat slow because their bodies strongly regulate the process of fat storage, which is why they're skinny in the first place. On the other hand, fat people get fat fast because their bodies do not strongly regulate the process of fat storage which is why they're fat in the first place. So, some people get fat fast and some people get fat slow. Genetics naturally and initially determine if we get fat fast or get fat slow. However, our actions and behavior can greatly influence whether skinny people get fat, whether fat people get fatter, or whether fat people get skinnier. The organic goal of STOP ACTING FAT was to promote personal accountability for controlling the actions that we choose to partake in that greatly influence unhealthy weight gain. However, the organic goal has expanded to a global mission that promotes accountability amongst everyone.

Let’s all STOP ACTING FAT. If skinny people STOP ACTING FAT too, it will inspire fat people to STOP ACTING FAT as well. Let's all be accountable.

You can STOP ACTING FAT by starting to EAT HEALTHY.


Eat food that is nature made & unadulterated. That is how you eat healthy. It is that simple.

                -Duke D.R.S. Richman


Blueberries are a food that nature made. Blueberries are healthy.


Both of these foods are made by nature. Add salt only. Salt is a mineral. And yes, it's nature made.

We always prefer grass-fed red meat. Red meat is a fatty food. We broil it or bake it. Sometimes we grill it, but we never burn it or cook it well.

If we need to lose weight we never eat fatty foods with starches, starchy vegetables or fruits.


Nature made eggs.

We eat our eggs soft boiled or scrambled soft in order to preserve the nutrients.


The avocado is approximately 80% fat. If you want to lose weight don't eat it with starches, starchy vegetables or sweet fruits. Otherwise eat it with any other healthy food that nature made.


Nature makes oranges and nature makes eggs. Nature does not make bread. Replace the bread with a food that nature makes and the meal will be healthy rather than healthy-conscious. We don't fry our eggs in oil. We soft boil, we bake, we scramble soft.


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Nature didn't make pizza.

...But, it sure does taste good though.


In the United States alone, approximately 70% of the adult population is overweight. A large percentage of those people who are overweight are overweight because of their epigenetic behavioral acts and not because of their genetic predispositions. Some professionals will argue that the person's biology drives their behavior and for this reason their acts are indeed dictated by their genetics. What they are suggesting is that some people's genetic predispositions will uncontrollably drive them to overeat. I see their point. I can even agree. Here is another point: you can stop! Even when your body says go - you can still stop. Its called "Free Will Power." It will be hard. But, it can still be done. Exercise your "Free Will Power" and DO SOMETHING HARD.